Why our singers would suit your event

Looking for a Singer in Dubai. Look no further, male or female, our Singers are professionally voice trained, and have been singing since they could talk. With interests in music like classical, jazz and soul, our vocal performers can almost adapt to any style. Before our vocal artists arrived in Dubai, they appeared on cruise ships traveling the world, performed at restaurant shows and in the nightlife scene.

Most of our vocal artists have experience is song writing, collaborating with other artists and DJs to create their own unique tracks. Due to their talent, they have experienced performances in many amazing venues in Dubai. Some of their performances have been in nightclubs, such as Music Hall, Pacha, The Act and Cavalli. Also appearing at popular events like Fashion Forward, Dubai Music Week and Formula 1.

If your unsure of what Singer would suit your event, give us a call and let us help you with your enquiry.

Singing is an act of producing musical sounds with the voice. A person who sings is a vocalist or singer. Many perform as soloists, or can be accompanied by a single instrument, orchestra, band or track.  There are many different singing styles such as opera, gospel, traditional music styles, jazz, blues, pop, rock and rnb.

Many singers take voice training by vocal coaches on a regular basis to keep their sounds clear and strong. As a result, singers become professional, building their careers around one specific musical genre, although there are singers with crossover success.