How our Contortionists in Dubai will impress your audiences

Our Contortionists in Dubai push their bodies to un-natural limits. First of all, transforming their bodies into shapes and positions that may seem impossible. In addition, make it look effective. Impressing audiences of all kinds and leaving them talking about this act long after the event.

Training hard for many years, and stretching for hours everyday, our contortionists in Dubai are fully prepared to show off their skills. Many of our artists can perform in a small space as a statue act, or roam about, as a walkabout show. If your event is a sit down event, our contortionists can weave in-between tables performing their contortion pieces. Furthermore you can have them performing as an opening act whilst your guests are arriving.

In addition our contortionists can prepare a choreographed show on stage to suit your style of event, solo, duo or as a group.

Contortion is a performance art in which contortionists showcase their skills of extreme physical flexibility. Their flexibility to perform these acts is a small percent of the general population. Contortionists are often seen in acrobatic acts or performing with the circus. Usually they perform infront of a live audience, to captivate the audiences of their inhuman flexibility.

Many of the skills performed by contortionists include back bending, front bending, splits, over splits. Enterology can also be performed which is getting the performer in a box or a contained space. Many performances include props, such as, balancing towers and hula hoops. Other acts will use aerial props such as, rope, silk and hoop in their performances. However some acts include more than one performer, an adagio act, where one partner lifts the other whilst they perform flexible poses.