How our Choreographers in Dubai can help create your event

Our Choreographers in Dubai are extremely experienced. They are highly trained in dance, as they have had years of experience in theaters, touring or teaching and their imaginations and concepts of shows are amazing. As a result, they know how to bring an idea to life. However, many of our dancers have had experience in choreography. They have choreographed routines for their shows in auditions or performances.

Most of our Choreographers in Dubai have had experience with a large number of performers or dancers, as a result of this, taken part in huge events across the UAE. Working with clients closely to understand what direction their show or event would like to go, they create ideas which in return produce fantastic shows.

With a wide variety of different styles of dance including Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Commercial, they have a lot of experience. However its not only dancers our Choreographers work with. They have produced effective dance moves for Aerialists, Pole Performers, Fire Performers and Acrobats to help their routine run more smoothly for shows and competitions.

Our Choreographers have also worked with couples for their first dance at their wedding. Children for their dance shows at schools and men and women at their office for a surprise flash mob.

The word Choreography means ‘dance-writing’ from the Greek word circular dance. It appeared in the English dictionary in the 1950’s and credited George Balanchine in the Broadway show ‘On your toes’. Before the 1950’s people credited choreographers by using the phases ‘dances staged by’ or ‘dances by’.

Choreography is the practice of designing sequences of movement with the body, and may also refer to the design itself. A Choreographer is one who creates choreographies.