Why you should book Actors from us

We have a selection of male and female Actors in Dubai, who all range in age and nationalities. Most of our actors have had experience in television and theatre. If you are looking for a specific look or talent, get in touch and let us know. We will be happy to help you find the right Actor for the job.

Some of our Actors in Dubai are asked to play their own nationalities. However a lot are asked to play locals for commercials. Many speak more than 2 languages, which can help with particular roles.

Most of our Actors in Dubai have had training or use to study in musical theatre schools, also appearing in theaters all around the world. However, a few have been seen by talent agents, which lead to appearing as extras, or as co-star roles in television series. Also a few have had experience in film and voice overs.

An Actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs ‘in the flesh’ in the traditional medium of the theatre. Also in modern mediums such as film, television or radio.

They are 4 different types of acting, theatre, film, television and radio. Theatre acting requires stage direction, blocking and occasionally stage combat. Usually actors study this whilst at theatre school.

Film and Television requires actors to be comfortable with a camera. Either in front or close to them. Often the actors need to learn to stay on their mark. Preparation for screen tests and performing well at them is a must. This will determine to the director wether they are right for the role.

Radio Acting isn’t as popular as the other 3 types of acting. Mainly focusing on voice overs for commercials in-between radio shows. Usually actors who have a friendly and enthusiastic voice or can portray many types of accents.