Top 5 Summer Wedding Entertainment Ideas in Dubai

Top 5 Summer Wedding Entertainment Ideas in Dubai

Struggling to find entertainment and need a few summer wedding entertainment ideas, here are our Top 5 hoping to get those creative mind juices flowing and give you inspiration. When it comes to a wedding, they can end up being the talking point for many months. There’s nothing worse than having a large number of guests at your wedding and no one to entertain them. Your auntie attempting the can-can just isn’t going to cut it. We just love to give our insight on ideas for events, and weddings are one of our favorites. With all the many themes to choose from, there is always some type of entertainment that will fit the style of your wedding. Here is our Top 5 Summer Wedding Entertainment Ideas in Dubai.


Dubai Aerialist summer wedding entertainment ideas


This has to be one of the most sophisticated acts going. Just picture, before your first dance, an aerialist hanging from the ceiling, performing outstanding and challenging tricks to a beautiful classical song, and you go to join her with your partner on the dance floor, the pictures would be outstanding. This is defiantly an act to impress your guests. There are so many different types or aerialists you can consider, even ground based aerialists if your venue cannot cater to rigging. A truly gorgeous and magical act to watch. Check out a male aerial artist with his aerial ladder

Martini Glass Artist

martini glass summer wedding entertainment ideas

Now this is a great act to have at your wedding party. Martini glass artists can either be a chic or dramatic  performance. Mostly this act performs by welcoming guests or can be seen in the background whilst everyone is mingling. However they can also get the crowd ready for a party. Performing choreographed shows with tricks and amazing dance moves whilst in a huge martini glass will defiantly get your loved ones in the mood to dance.


bellydancers summer wedding entertainment ideas

One of the most traditional acts to have at a wedding in Dubai, yet still, a beautiful performance. Bellydancers can cater to any type of crowd, with performances for all ages. They like to include many types of styles using props that will amaze your crowd, sword balancing on their head and bodies, is just fascinating. Many bellydancers prefer to include the guests, and bring the selected few up to try their moves out. Their music is upbeat, what more could you ask for. So prefer a more engaging experience at your wedding, this is the performance you need. Take a look at some of their moves


singers summer wedding entertainment ideas

Every wedding needs music and ideas for musicians at weddings can change every month, they seem to get more elaborated as the years go by. We would like to take you back to the traditional solo singer. A great background performance whilst dinner is being served, a fantastic live song for the first dance and a brilliant choice when its time for everyone to get up and party the night away. Many singers can sing a wide range of music and many styles, that way, you can choose your own playlist.

Oriental Dance Shows

oriental dance shows summer wedding entertainment ideas

Want a dance act but can’t choose what style your guests will want to see. Oriental dance shows can cover many types of styles all in one night. A group of talented ladies in gorgeous costumes performing their shows for all to see, is a must see. The excitement doesn’t stop there, just imagine LED wings, perfect salsa moves, even snake – for the more adventurous wedding. What more could you experience in one night. An incredible show for everyone.


So there you have it, our top 5 summer wedding entertainment ideas. There are many different styles of entertainment to choose from, just deciding which style would go with your theme can be tricky. But we hope our ideas help inspire you to create the most magical wedding you deserve.


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