New 2017 Dubai Entertainment Acts

New 2017 Dubai Entertainment Acts

We are happy to announce our New 2017 Dubai Entertainment Acts.

Every month we receive messages from many entertainers wanting to be on our books. We are more than happy to represent them in the UAE. With the many different types of skills they have been gifted with, we really do enjoy browsing through the talent. There are so many options of entertainment to choose from on our website, we decided to give you a sneak preview.

Check out some of the new entertainment on our books this season.

Highlights Street Theatre

highlights street theatre new 2017 dubai entertainment acts

Here is a group of more than 15 stilt performers who specialise in theatre shows including dancing, acting and acrobatics. Can you imagine a salsa routine performed at such a height? They really do have some fantastic shows to offer. Also, their costumes are all made to fit each show individually. Not only do they provide skills on stilts, but also magic tricks for the children in the audience. Wether your event requires a roaming act or a stage performance, these entertainers are a must see.


halil new 2017 dubai entertainment acts

Halil came to us with a new style and concept. He wanted to bring all that he achieved over the years through dance, choreography and directing to produce a new entertainment project called ‘The Story Box’. A magical journey into a dream world, never before seen, telling a story full of imagination and wonders. The special effects through visual projection are amazing. With that and the skills he has been enhancing for years, you will be captivated throughout the entire show. Check out The Story Box


hijaks new 2017 dubai entertainment acts

Here is a DJ who’s speciality is commercial, dance, house and funky house, but he doesn’t just stop there. As well as performing in some of the biggest clubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he also performs at festivals and weddings. He is not your regular DJ, Hijakz likes to produce some outstanding one of a kind remixes for events. He even produces for performing artists. His passion for music knows no bounds, some would go as far to say that he has an obsession. Not only does he like to travel the world playing for different events and crowds.

Meskal Brothers

meskal brothers new 2017 dubai entertainment acts

A group of performers who don’t only have 1 skilled talent, but a number of talents, including big stage illusions, acrobatics and contortion. However, our favorite is their acrobatic skating show. Just imagine being swung upside down at high speeds, even the thought is turning our stomachs! These guys do this             continuously, their strength and ability is outstanding. Wowing audiences with their death defying rollerskating stunts and tricks, its enough to have anyone at the edge of their seats. This is a must see act.

Jet Fighters

jet fighters new 2017 dubai entertainment acts

These 2 handsome gentlemen are a successful acoustic duo and wedding band. Performing songs from across the decades, but adding their own unique and fresh sound. Both have their own individual strengths and together they provide incredible music. With experience performing on television shows, such as, Strictly Come Dancing, huge concert venues, and even writing music for some of the UK’s biggest bands, these boys are committed to making sure your event is extra special. Take a look at some of their music Jet Fighters Video



So there was just a few of the New 2017 Dubai Entertainment Acts, they are all unique in their own way. If your’e looking for entertainment for your event, try to think of what would work well with your audiences. Too many different styles of entertainment can sometimes make your event look too chaotic. Get in touch with us and we can help create the perfect balance for your event, ensuring your guests remember your event for years to come, while making sure that the stress of organizing the entertainment is not something you need to contend with.


We at Pick Your Performer love to plan and love a challenge. Check out our Dubai Entertainers Page and get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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