Let our Bikers rock your event

Our BMX Bikers are professional BMX flatland riders. With experience in competitions, such as, Save the Sunshine BMX contest, OG Summer Games International, Cserke BMX Cup and Sport life. They reached 1st and 2nd place in expert and master.

Finally, after years of competing, our BMX Bikers then went on to organize events, firstly in Hungary, then moving around the globe. With over 200 shows and events, our bikers can really create a great show. Budapest, Barcelona and Dubai are just some of the places their BMX shows have been performed.

Showing all different types of tricks that can be done on a bike. Also offering a workshop to children who want to become the next BMX Champions. Therefore, our BMX Bikers are your guys at your next event.

BMX started when children began riding their bicycles on dirt tracks in Southern California. Motorcross superstars in the early 1970’s, drew inspiration from this. BMX racing was a phenomenon by the mid 1970s. Children began racing standard road bikes off the road and onto purpose-built tracks in California. By the middle of the 1970’s the sport achieved its peak, and manufacturers began creating bicycles designed especially for the sport.

There are many different models of BMX bikes. Park style, they remove unnecessary weight on particular areas of the bike, to create smooth transitions. Dirt style, the feature tyres with made with thicker tread for better grip. Flatland style, featuring different geometrical principles to traditional park BMX bikes, as flatland riding requires precise balance. Racing style, they are required to have brakes, and the rider pedals at high speed. Finally, street style. These bikes are usually heavier and stronger than all the other bikes, due to the strain of riding on hard flat surfaces. They mainly have metal pegs attached to the axles to enable the rider to grind on rails